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Wii update quietly adds limited USB keyboard support

Kyle Orland

The latest Wii system update is just the gift that keeps on giving -- we're still finding new, unannounced features included in the downloadable update. Case in point, you can now plug a USB keyboard into those vestigial USB slots in the back of the system for easier text input in some situations.

The support is far from universal -- while you can use the keyboard to type out message board messages, you can't use it to enter a name for you Mii, suggest a poll question on the Everybody Votes Channel or, most importantly, fill in web addresses and forms on the Internet Channel. The Wii Shop Channel, oddly enough, does support the keyboard for typing in search terms, and it was the only channel to receive a significant overhaul in the latest system update. Could more expansive keyboard support be on the way? You'll know as soon as we do.

[Thanks James]

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