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Apple introduces My iTunes Widgets

Scott McNulty

Everyone is going bonkers about social networking sites, the kids they like 'em. Apple, not being foolish, hopes to cash in on that trend with My iTunes Widgets. My iTunes Widgets are 3 widgets that you can embed into a website (Apple suggests your blog, or your social networking site profile) which will display either your most recent iTunes purchases, your favorite iTunes artists (based on how much of their stuff you have purchased), or your iTunes reviews.

You have to enable My iTunes widgets via your profile in the iTunes Store. Once enabled you are whisked to a webpage to design your widget (within limits) and get the code which you then paste into your website. No muss, no fuss.

[via Mac Rumors]

Update: I forgot to add that the widgets use Flash, so they won't work on the iPhone (whoops!), and these seem like they were made with iWeb '08's new Web Widget feature.

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