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Beyond Northrend: WoW's beauty and dance school


If there is anything that the World of Warcraft trailer pretty much said outright, it's that hair styles and new dances are important to many in the WoW community. The fact that Wrath of the Lich King would have new hairstyles and new dances were bullet points number five and six after some major game changing information. Having been witness to people getting rid of characters they've been working on due to their hairstyle, a little trip to the beauty shop to see Miss Latifah could have prevented such needless deletion.

WoW Insider opens up the creepy questions like wondering if there will be quests for dances and hairdos. We fear the idea of an epic hairdo quest. All that grinding for reputation with some faction just to have that '80s punk hairstyle we've always wanted. Although, an epic hairdo would probably stand out just as much as an armor set without all that pesky raiding. We're just happy to know that no more senseless toons will be dipped because their owner got tired of their hairstyle.

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