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King of Kong director loves Saved By The Bell

Kevin Kelly

While we might not be impressed with his love for Screech, we can certainly agree with his love for The Last Starfighter. Who hasn't dreamed, at least once, that the game they're playing is secretly an alien training device? Maybe that's just us.

Karina Longworth at Spout scored an interview with King of Kong director Seth Gordon, and he gives her some interesting facts ... namely what he'd take on a desert island with him. A fairly decent list except for the aforementioned Saved by the Bell. Did he think she said torturous desert island?

Anyhow, check out the article and see how Gordon responds to Roger Ebert's now famous statement about video games as art. One choice quote, "I think it's a faulty distinction to divide games into sport vs. art. There's a huge spectrum of gaming and playing styles that ranges from the 'single narrative, single outcome' type of game to the 'every game is different' type of game and in that sense games are part sport, part art, and part puzzle."


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