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Many Xbox 360, PS3 owners unaware of HD abilities

Darren Murph

Regrettably, the recent findings from an NPD Group survey aren't shocking in the least -- you know, considering how many people think all content is magically in high-definition with the purchase of an HDTV -- but the news is disheartening nonetheless. Reportedly, "only 30-percent of Xbox 360 owners were aware of the HD graphics capabilities of the machine," and while the figure did rise on the Blu-ray-packin' PS3, it still stopped at just 50-percent. Meanwhile, aficionados like ourselves are panicking over whether or not our new console actually includes an HDMI port. Regardless, this disappointing survey could be seen as proof that gamers still care about gameplay first and foremost (or simply ignore the extras), and while you aren't likely to find us letting up on Nintendo anytime soon for shunning HD on the Wii, maybe the world's not ready for all that, anyway.

[Image courtesy of Xbox360Fanboy, thanks Rob]

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