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Some possible lovin' for the Marsh

Amanda Rivera

For a while now there has been a clamor amongst a vocal minority on the forums regarding mid-level content. So much TLC has gone into the end-game content, many (myself included) would love to see some of those warm fuzzies thrown toward those zones that are less than fun to play. They've done it before, why not spend a bit more time revamping older zones?

A recent comment made on the forums has given me new hope for some new content. In a post about what we might do until Wrath of the Lich King arrives, Nethaera dropped this little gem: "Even some changes to Dustwallow Marsh people might be interested in." hmmm....Dustwallow, eh? Certainly, it's a zone with room to expand, and I admit that I don't do much there other than visit Tabetha, Nat Pagle and that firey red-head in the cave. So breathing new life into this zone would be a wonderful thing, especially if it connects to storylines elsewhere in the game.

Rather than jump to conclusions, I file this one away in the "interesting to ponder" category. What do you think? Is any mention at all from the uber secretive Blizzard clan a signal of things to come, or are they just tantalizing us with yet another item to guess at?

[via Rufuscrim]

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