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AT&T's U-Verse arrives in Oklahoma City, challenges Cox

Darren Murph

Although it seems like U-Verse rollouts are becoming entirely more common these days, the folks that call Oklahoma City home have yet to get a taste -- until now, that is. As of Monday, parts of Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, and Norman, were able to sign up for AT&T's IPTV-based services, and the carrier has wasted no time trying to eat away at Cox's (and DirecTV's) market share. Reportedly, AT&T is claiming that the 26 available HD channels it offers trumps Cox's lineup of 19, and the marketing spin proclaims U-Verse to simply be "cooler than cable." So for you Sooners (or misdirected Cowboys) out there, do let us know how U-Verse measures up if any of you manage to make the switch, capiche?

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