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Breakfast Topic: What drink is your class?

Eliah Hecht

Over at Shadow Gaming, Dahis tackles a simple question: what alcoholic beverage corresponds to each class/spec? Here are some of my favorites that he came up with:

  • MS Warriors are like Hamms, a dime a dozen. They're also like that 40oz of Old English in your fridge because it's probably better to leave it alone than to try and down it.
  • Warlocks (any kind) are like NIGHT TRAIN, kicks your ass almost for free.
  • Bear Druids are like Everclear, because you think you can take one but you regret it almost immediately.
  • Holy Priests are like Andre Champaign [sic] since everyone's happier when you have one.
  • Hunters are like Old Crow because your grandpa (early WoW) liked it but nobody your age does.
I especially enjoy the last one for implying that early WoW players were two generations behind the current players (which certainly feels like the case sometimes). So how about it? If your class was liquid, what would it be? Personally, I'd say my holy priest is like a mint julep: far more trouble than it's worth if you're alone, but fun in a party.

P.S. Don't drink if you're underage, etc. You can still play along in the comments though.

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