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Samsung U700 "Gleam" for Verizon, A513 for Helio?

Chris Ziegler

Is Helio finally ready for its first flip phone? The MVNO has tended to stray from form factor convention -- think Kickflip and Ocean -- but to satisfy traditionalists, a good, clean clamshell is probably a solid addition to any carrier's lineup. PhoneArena has scored a shot of what will allegedly become the Samsung SCH-A513 for Helio (though we imagine they'll come up with a much snappier name for launch), sporting an m610-ish profile but upping the cam to 3 megapixels. Meanwhile, Verizon will apparently be sourcing the U700 "Gleam" from the manufacturer, offering EV-DO and external music controls in what appears to be a refined, midrange shell. No word on release dates or prices for either of these just yet.

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