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Elusive 'Dietrich' supposedly found, arrested after fleeing Gizmondo crash

Darren Murph

Some 16 months after we heard the last crazy twist in the Gizmondo crash fiasco, it looks like the case may finally be winding down. After searching high and low for a "mysterious witness" known only as Dietrich -- who, if you'll recall, supposedly fled the scene after he crashed the Ferrari Enzo in question -- LA county police now have reason to believe that Trevor Michael Karney may actually be this elusive (and fictitious) character. As fate would have it, it seems that Karney lied to the boys in blue on the night of the crash, when in fact, he was the passenger that was "using a video camera to photograph Eriksson driving at speeds of up to 162mph." Of course, fibbing to the fuzz and resisting arrest aren't exactly angelic deeds, so it looks like Mr. Karney will too have his day in court soon enough.

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