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Doc Mac shows off Colorwared iPhone


Doc Macenstein dropped us a note about his new Colorwared (can I use that as a verb?) iPhone, and just like everything else Colorware has done, it looks pretty darn sweet.

The only problem, though, is that the process is not only pretty pricey-- a full paint job, including dock, earbuds, and button, will run you a whopping $219-- and it takes an eternity to get done: three long weeks. Don't get me wrong-- Colorware probably needs every bit of that to make sure the paint job is good and even, because their final product usually comes out great. But as the Doc told us, three weeks without an iPhone is a long time to miss out on the burgeoning hack scene.

Still if your iPhone has to be in shades of "Mystique" and "Blush" rather than the standard black and metal, they'll get it done.

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