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Mirror Media stuffs PC into multifaceted display

Darren Murph

Mirrors that double as surveillance displays or hallway televisions have been common for quite some time, and while Mirror Media's PC-stuffed iteration certainly won't be the first of its breed, it joins a rare bunch nonetheless. The MirrorTV + media PC combination unit comes in 20-, 26-, 30-, and 32-inch flavors and features an Intel processor, up to 512MB of SDRAM, up to 60GB of hard drive space, optional WiFi, and a smorgasbord of ports including USB 2.0, RS-232, FireWire, DVI / VGA, and component / S-Video / composite to boot. Pricing details don't look to be readily available, but if you've got the coin, we're sure these guys and gals can whip up the multifarious mirror of your dreams.

[Via ChipChick]

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