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No Falcon technology in HDMI Premiums

Dustin Burg

Over on the NeoGAF forums, forum member wonderkins posted pictures of his freshly cracked open HDMI featured Xbox 360 Premium console to see if it had the new heatsink or the new 65nm chips. His findings were that the latest 360s rolling off the assembly lines do feature an extra heatsink, but they do not include any new 65nm "Falcon" technology just yet. We know that some of our fellow fanboys are huge tech buffs and will be sad to hear that news, because all they've wanted for their mid-August Christmas has been Xbox 360 65nm tech. But keep your chin up eager 65nm hopefuls, because the technology is guaranteed to be rolling out within' a few months, so you'll just have to wait a little bit longer.

[Thanks, Ryan Hartman]

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