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PS3 Poll Police: Is Lair still worth it or not?

Nick Doerr

The Poll Police have heard rumors that Lair isn't getting reviewed well in a magazine or two and have started a new investigation to see whether or not word-of-mouth from a handful of reviewers will bring substantial harm to a game's sales or not. The title, mixing dragons and death in what should be a heavy-metal-like winning combination, has been talked up over the past year and a half to be the first title to truly showcase the PS3's ability as well as new and original IPs to come. So, the Poll Police charge you with answering the following poll: despite reviews, would you still pick up Lair?

Is Lair still worth it if reviews are mediocre?
Reviews be damned, I want my Lair!
Lair be damned, I take reviews to heart! free polls

We'll still be getting the title so we can bring you our own review of the game, but the effect reviews have on game sales is always a popular debate. The only true way to decide if a game is right for you is to play it yourself, after all. In any case, feel free to check out the answers to last week's poll about Warhawk. The results may actually surprise you.

Obviously, we had a lot more votes this time around, which we're proud of, since it shows an overwhelming majority of people are going to pick up the retail version of Warhawk. We're not too surprised, because from a sales tactic standpoint, Sony probably wants us to pick up the retail copy anyway. Besides, if everyone tries to download the game from the PSN the day it comes out, not only will the servers probably crash, but your download speed will be much slower than our ability to drive to the store and pick up our pre-order. As always, thanks for voting and we'll see you next week!

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