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360 holiday bundles to include MUA and Forza 2?

Dustin Burg

Holiday console bundles are nearly a guarantee every year and by the looks of the images above, we think we know what Microsoft's plans are for Christmas '07. French website was browsing a Microsoft marketing website when they stumbled across the two console packaging images above (which have since been pulled) labeled as "Holiday Value Bundles" which state that both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza Motorsport 2 are included in the box. Oh joy!

So, it looks like some territory will be receiving two free games with the purchase of an Elite or Premium (now Pro?) Xbox 360 this holiday, but the big question is who? Remember, a French website found these images, so which territory will be receiving this exact bundle is still a mystery. And is it just us or you loving the whole "Go Big" and "Go Pro" marketing thing too?

[Via Joystiq]

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