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Apple t-shirt: Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

David Chartier

Quality shirts for Apple fans can sometimes be hard to find on the web. Call me crazy, but the standard-issue black "GEEK" shirts don't quite cut it for me; I hate black as a shirt color because it gets way too hot in the summer, and these kinds of designs are typically bland and uninteresting. Insanely Great Tees is a newer entry in this space, offering some clever and creative pro-Apple t-shirts. Panic, makers of apps like Transmit and CandyBar, also offers one of my favorite shirts in their Goods section called the Spinner (scroll down, I can't link to it directly. Grr). It's subtle Apple nerdery that will likely catch only the eyes of those who know what it is.

Fortunately, one of my favorite novelty shops, Go Ape Shirts, has just tossed their shirt into the ring (hah!) with this entry, Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree. You might also know their work from other hits like Boo Boo Walker. Sporting Apple products both old and new, Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree is a good tongue-in-cheek play on a phrase wrapped up in a cool design on a uniquely colored tee. With prices for guys and girls starting at $18, I might as well contact Josh, the shop's owner, to see if I can open a tab.

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