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Research: 30% of Xbox owners don't know about XBLA


An amazing 30% of Xbox 360 owners have "never heard" of Xbox Live Arcade according to research firm Magid Associates in their new GameDaily column. We'd instantly cry foul if it weren't for the stunning revelation last week that, according to NPD, only 40% of PS3 owners knew their console had a Blu-ray drive. Who are these consumers?

The survey of 1800 US households found that 149 owned an Xbox 360. Of the 70% who own an Xbox 360 -- and know they have XBLA -- 42% have tested product but never purchased and 28% have "bought games using XBLA." We'd say that Microsoft might want to focus on getting the 42% to purchase something, but we think it might be better to get the 30% who don't know XBLA exists to become aware. Seriously, that's like 3 million people with a box in their house and they don't even know one of its main features. Magid Associates will have a report out next year on whether the "awareness gap" has closed. What frightening report about gamers being unaware of their consoles capabilities will we see next?

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