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Rumor: New Xbox 360 bundles due for the holidays

Justin McElroy

The industrious Frenchmen of say they spied the above image at a Microsoft marketing site that pretty clearly depicts a new 360 bundles for the Elite model, packed with Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. (A Premium model version was found later.) There's literally no other information available at this time save for these images, so we don't know if the packs will be priced at the recently slashed rates. Although the sticker does say that they're free, so we're betting that they're basically deal sweeteners.

Also, the photos were reportedly labeled as "Holiday Value Bundles" (they seem to have since been removed) so we're guessing they'll be here just in time for your grandma to knit you a sweater instead of buying you one. Adding to this pile of mysteries: The lack of any similar bundle for the Core model ... interesting.

[Via Kotaku]

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