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DXG unveils uber-cheap DXG-572V camcorder

Darren Murph

The bargain-bin-phenom has struck again, and this time it's the five-megapixel DXG-572V camcorder that's delivering a lot of promises for an uber-cheap price. 'Course, we wouldn't expect the built-in CMOS sensor, 4x digital zoom, white balance adjuster, voice recorder, digital still camera, or "near DVD quality" 640 x 480 MPEG4 / AVI video that this thing captures to win any awards, but those who don't mind chintzy ought not find any issues with this. Moreover, the unit boasts 32 measly megabytes of internal storage, an SD / MMC expansion slot, USB 2.0 connectivity, and a flip-out LCD screen to boot. If you're still sold, you can call the DXG-572V yours for just $149.99, and feel free to click on for a couple more angles.

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