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Fury unleashes Oct. 9, issues million dollar beta challenge


PvP MMO Fury will be be prepared to "unleash the fury" on October 9 (Oct. 12 in Europe). We did get a little hands-on time with the game at E3 and the beta has been going on since early last month. But before you go waiting until Oct. 9 to get your PvP MMO on, there's a little contest that'll happen in the Open Beta planned for next month.

Auran Games, Gamecock and Codemasters Online are planning to do the "FURY Challenge," which will have one million dollars in prizes. The challenge will kick off Sept. 14 and be held over three consecutive weekends. First weekend is practice and the next two has the competition. There will be various ladders so even casual players stand some small chance. Customers who pre-order the game at GameStop are invited to the closed beta currently going on, so that's an option if you think you'll need a little more practice.

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