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Mother Brain in Metroid Prime 3? New trailer hints heavily


A new trailer for Metroid Prime 3 focuses on an awful familiar... uh, "face." That's right: Mother Brain appears front and center in "Aurora Unit," the newest preview video being featured on Wii consoles everywhere. After a number of confusing lobe-focused shots, the scene pictured above is shown, revealing the layout of Ma Brain's oh-so-famous Tourian hangout, and essentially confirming that the big boss of both Metroid and Super Metroid will at least be making a cameo appearance.

But how large a role will she play? The non-gameplay footage is labeled "Cross section of future aurora complex." Does this mean we won't be battling Mother Brain in Prime 3? Will the reconstruction of Zebes be a part of the storyline? Take a gander at the video after the break, and let us know what you think.

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