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Rebellion making PSP Aliens vs. Predator game, screens inside

After some speculation last week, Sierra has finally let us in on some of the details behind their upcoming PSP game based on this winter's Aliens vs. Predator movie. Most importantly, the new game is being developed by Rebellion, best known for their well received 1995 Jaguar game, Aliens vs. Predator, and its similarly named (and even better received) PC successor.

Unlike those outings, this PSP release will be a "third-person action-adventure" (that's okay, since we know how FPSs on the PSP invariably turn out), putting you in the giant slimy boots of a lone Predator, with all the accompanying goodies. These, of course, include Super Heat Vision™, Invisi-Cloak Tech™, and Ultra Wrist Triangle Red Lasers™, always good for a chuckle ... oh, and for killing Aliens and future governors. Though the press release doesn't say, we'll presume the target for this game is this holiday, alongside the movie.

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