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Xbox 360 price drops to Wii levels in Australia


They may have had to wait a bit longer, but Australian gamers can now save a considerable chunk of change on a new Xbox 360 just like the rest of us, with the Core model now even able to boast the same price tag as the Wii. That puts it at A$399.95 (down from A$429), while the 20GB Xbox 360 Pro drops all the way from A$649 to A$579.95 (or $486US at the current exchange rate). According to Gamespot, Xbox regional director for Australia and New Zealand David McLean also confirmed that the HDMI-equipped Xboxes would be making their way down under as well, as would the Elite and Halo 3 Special Edition varieties of Xboxen, although he's apparently not quite ready to get specific about prices or release dates for those just yet.

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