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A clever adventure game from the Simple series?


D3 Publisher, best known for Puzzle Quest and Naruto games over here, is up to volume 25 in their Simple DS series in Japan. The latest is quite a bit more interesting on the surface than most of the imitators they release: an adventure game about police negotiation.

Rather than being a simple graphical text adventure, The Negotiator involves researching background information about criminals and investigating the scene before attempting to contact them. Of course, as with other Simple games, the execution may not live up to the concept, but the concept is so strong here that we almost feel like it's worth a shot anyway.

There's precedent for domestic releases of Simple DS games in the form of Break 'em All. Not only that, but D3 recently released Puzzle Quest in Japan as a Simple game. We can only hope that either The Negotiator makes the overseas trip or that it's terrible enough for us not to want it. We're selfish!

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