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Boogie producer defends his game against reviews


Boogie producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon is not entirely pleased with the critical reception to his game. One review in particular upset him, and with good reason-- 1UP basically assassinated his game.

Gaudechon mostly defended the controls in his statement to MTV's Gamefile. "Difficultly should come from the game. It should be easy to dance. It should be tough to dance on a certain level of difficulty." He said that his team reexamined motion control schemes after SSX Blur's controls were panned as too complicated, and that Boogie's controls were focus-tested on a diverse age group.

Of course, none of that addresses the major issue found in the 1UP review, that "this game is fun for exactly 20 minutes, and only in a group of two or more." Of course, that's a little harder to respond to than specific complaints about the oversimplified, rhythm-insensitive controls.

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