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Breakfast Topic: Which faction is more mature?

Amanda Rivera

In the age-old debate on which faction holds supremacy over the other, this topic arose on the WoW Ladies forum: which faction is the most mature, Horde or Alliance? Now, it seems to me that it's hard to pin this one down, seeing as how the population of servers varies greatly. And we're not even talking about the age level of players.

It seems more interesting to me to discuss the maturity levels of WoW players on both sides of the game. In my personal experience, I haven't seen much in the way that would indicate a winner on either side, but I also play mostly Alliance on a PvE server. Yes I've seen my share of idiots, I've grouped with them, heck I've even been them on occasion. My horde experience mostly comes from playing in our blog guild, but the It Came from the Blog members seem to be a cut above the rest, so I am not sure I can count them as a slice of the general Horde population. In your experience, have you found Horde players or Alliance players to be more mature?

[via WoW Ladies]

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