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Charmr concept transforms glucose monitoring

Darren Murph

Just three days ago, we saw the nifty GlucoPhone receive the FDA's coveted stamp of approval, and now Adaptive Path has conjured up a conceptual device of its own that could transform the way diabetics are forced to live out their lives. The Charmr itself is a small wirelessly-enabled thumb drive (of sorts) that can be worn anywhere you prefer, and boasts a display that continuously shows glucose levels and stores trend data for future PC analysis. The unit would purportedly interface with a waterproof patch that includes an insulin reservoir, a glucose sensor, an insertion needle, and a wireless transmitter to speak to the Charmr. Currently, the design is still waiting for a pharmaceutical company to pick it up and actually bring it to market, but be sure and check out the demonstrative video after the jump.

[Via DiabetesMine, thanks Allison B.]

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