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Interactive fiction on the iPhone


Before the iPod and the iPhone, there was iFiction-- err, interactive fiction, which is what we now call what I used to know of as "text adventures," those text-based games where you moved "north," "look," and then "pick up phone."

But now, interactive fiction has met the iPhone-- spathiwa has created a z-machine interpreter for the iPhone, which means that (once you've jailbroken it), you too can play all the old favorites-- Hitchhiker's Guide and Zork, and even newer (relatively) stuff like So Far. I never even considered the idea of typing "eat analgesic" with the iPhone's text entry, but combining old school gaming with new school gadgetry is always cool.

The latest version (.2) even saves games when the iPhone is put to sleep, so now you can play your favorite text adventure till the end where ever you take your iPhone.

Thanks, Mark!

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