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Metareview: Luminous Arc


Apparently, this is the week when reviews for strategy titles are all over the place. First we saw this with Square Enix's Heroes of Mana, and Luminous Arc from Atlus is following in the same pattern, with scores from the eighties down into the fifties. Overall, it sounds rather like Luminous Arc can be compared to a delicious piece of candy -- it's alright for the moment it lasts, but after it's gone, it's imminently forgettable and easily replaced.

GameBrink - 84%: "Presentation wise, I think it's fair to say the graphics are wonderfully drawn from the beautiful opening animation to the story backgrounds and characters ... but it lacks a bit in terms of gameplay content. There are few sub-event battles and you don't really have much freedom to explore on the world map. Not to mention its slightly cumbersome interface and menus need some reworking too. If you don't mind all that however, it's still a fairly fun and enjoyable SRPG to play."

GamePro - 60%: "Where Luminous Arc succeeds is in its presentation: the game is beautifully drawn with attractive character designs, boasts a solid sound track and, surprisingly enough, features an adept voice-acting cast. What it doesn't do so well, however, is in the story line, which is bland and underwhelming while the character development is weak and lacking."

1UP - 55%: "The greatest weakness in Luminous Arc's interface is the one thing that should differentiate it from FFT: touch-screen support. During battles, you're using the stylus to choose menu items, direct commands, back out of the menu, tap a square, confirm the command, and so on. In practice, it's far worse -- especially when tapping a square doesn't register or selects an adjacent one because it's obscured. But -- but! -- you are allowed to use the D-pad and buttons for a much smoother soon as you manually switch to them."


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