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PS3 can handle complex AI, says Karraker

Nick Doerr

If you haven't been up to date on the "he said, she said" of the industry, a producer working on the newest Splinter Cell game came out and said the title (a 360 exclusive) could never be on the Wii or PS3. The former due to graphical limitations, the latter due to its inability to handle AI effectively. Sony's Dave Karraker begs to differ and issued this rebuttal: "PS3 can more than handle AI, as you will see with Heavenly Sword, which has hundreds of on-screen enemies with different AI routines at one time thanks to the power of CELL."

We don't think the PS3 would have any trouble handling complicated AI processing or whatever technical jargon you want to toss in there. This is sort of interesting, since graphics were the last thing to get bashed on the PS3, but that topic seems to have silenced itself. Now we're moving on to AI? Eventually devs are just going to have to accept the possibility that, while architecturally different, the PS3 and 360 should be able to handle almost everything identically.

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