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So sad, BioShock sticks with original release date


For all those hoping that today's glorious mixup by Toys 'R' Us to let BioShock out early would spur 2K to open the street date flood gates – giving you immediate playtime with Mr. Bubbles over there – it's time to give up on those dreams and move on. 2K says they're sticking with their August 21st North American and August 24th European release dates. Hey, if you were an early bird this morning, you may have already gotten your BioShock worm.

The official statement sent to Joystiq by 2K is quite cute, saying, "It recently came to 2K Games' attention that one of our retail partners prematurely sold some copies of BioShock prior to the game's official launch date ... Additionally, a TV advertisement for BioShock prematurely ran that incorrectly indicated that the game was available for purchase ... 2K Games is appreciative of the gamer excitement and critical acclaim leading up to the title's launch." Now if only we could find a way to give people a chance at still getting BioShock early, even if they didn't get over to Toys 'R' Us today. If only ...

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