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Some Toys 'R' Us stores selling BioShock early (and you could win one!)

[Update 2: We managed to snag four copies, and we're giving them away and overnighting them so winners can play this weekend. Go here to enter!]

Normally, we wouldn't condone leaving work early to play video games, so hear us out. You see, word on the street is that the street date for BioShock (yeah, the one with the awesome demo) has been broken by some US retailers (mostly ones with backwards Rs).

If you look at the receipt above, this lucky shopper not only managed to find BioShock early, but he got it for a steal using the deals we posted yesterday. So, here's what to do. Call your local Toys 'R' Us and see if they've got 'em and if they're selling. If it's a go, let people know about it in the comments. And if you still haven't gotten your fill of interacting with BioShock-related posts, why not check out our rad faceplate giveaway?

[Update: In case you weren't sure if they were out there, check the sudden onslaught of BioShock discs clogging up eBay's tubes. Oh, and thanks to everyone that tipped us off!]

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