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The Helio Fin

Chris Ziegler

Helio today has announced the Fin, the first flip phone in the carrier's lineup. For an MVNO making its name with unique powerhouses like the Ocean, the Fin seems downright ordinary -- but that's not quite the case. For one thing, the Fin bests its A717 and m610 lookalikes (all three of which are manufactured by Samsung, coincidentally) in the thickness game, coming in at a svelte 11.4 millimeters to take the crown as the thinnest flip launched in the US. The Fin also totes a rather potent 3 megapixel sensor in its cam, 100MB of internal storage with microSD expansion up to 4GB, and stereo Bluetooth support. As with all of Helio's more recently launched devices, the Fin includes GPS on board; concurrently with the phone's release, Helio is announcing Garmin Mobile navigation for the Fin and the Ocean -- available for $2.99 per day -- for those times when the integrated Google Maps-based nav just doesn't cut it. Grab Fin starting today for $175.

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