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Calling All Cars coming to PSP

Jem Alexander

The latest issue of "PSP - The Official Guidebook" includes an interesting wee tidbit of information. The PS3 downloadable title Calling All Cars will soon be available to transfer over to your PSP, just like PS1 games. While there isn't much more information than that, currently, the magazine says that "comprehensive multiplayer modes in both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure" is to be expected. A release date will be available soon.

We think this is a great idea. The game definitely suits a handheld and, with full online multiplayer, we're definitely looking forward to getting it on our PSP. There's no word on how exactly it will work yet. Whether you will need to pay for it again or not is up in the air. Ultimately, we're looking forward to the day when you don't need a PS3 to download stuff like this for your PSP. Bring out that PSP online store, Sony.

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