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Ecco the Dolphin achievements: kill the shark!


Right, so, Ecco the Dolphin came out yesterday for Xbox Live Arcade. It is, according to some, a classic of the 16-bit era. For us (and by us I mean me), there was something truly compelling about swimming freely in the ocean and traveling through time (if you can get that far). Now, despite all this, there was something that turned Ecco into one of the most terrifying experiences of our (i.e. my) youth: the effing sharks. Brought up by movies like JAWS, seeing sharks in Ecco was more frightening than any zombie could ever be. That is why we (I) urge all of you to earn the "Shark Killer" achievement. Sure, it's only worth 10 points, but at least you'll be conquering your (my) childhood fear. Head over to GamingTalkHQ for the full achievement rundown.

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