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Miles XS 500: the $30000 all-electric sedan?

Darren Murph

While a number of fancier all-electric automobiles have still not yet hit the streets en masse, quite a few companies are already looking at the prospects of bringing plug-in cars to a wider range of individuals. One of those folks would be Miles Rubin, who apparently hopes that his "$30,000 Miles XS 500" can deliver the gas-shunning attributes we crave sans the outrageous price tag. Reportedly, the sedan would sport a "top speed of 80 miles-per-hour and a range of 120-miles at 60 miles-per-hour," and the costs would seemingly be kept down thanks to low Chinese manufacturing costs. Of course, Rubin has yet to utter a date in which he expects these Chinese-constructed motorcars to pass our inspections (and earn our trust), and while a low-cost electric whip sounds enticing in theory, we're going to need a bit more evidence that this thing can survive some form of collision before we remove our skepticism caps.

[Via AutoblogGreen, thanks Nick]

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