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Of collector's editions and unique pets


While we haven't received any confirmation that there will be a Wrath of the Lich King collector's edition, but since there was a collector's edition for both the original game and the first expansion, it's a reasonable guess to think Wrath of the Lich King will have one as well. And when it comes to collector's editions, over at WoW Insider, we ask the important questions: what will the unique, collector's edition pet be? Purchasers of the original collector's edition received their choice of a mini-Diablo, a Panda cub, or a Zergling, while purchasers of the Burning Crusade collectors edition received a Netherwhelp. So what companion will we have to keep us company as we venture through Northrend? If it's a Penguin I feel that alone would be worth the extra cost of a collector's edition box.

But what about you? Do you care about collector's editions or the novelties they include -- like unique pets?

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