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Samsung gets official with YP-P2, YP-S5, YP-T10 DAPs


We already caught sight of Samsung's new touchscreen-equipped Yepp YP-P2 DAP, but it looks like the company has a bit more in store for its Yepp line that just that, with it today officially introducing it along with two other new models. While there's little about the YP-P2 that we didn't already know, Samsung has revealed that it'll also be available in white, although it looks like it and black will be your only two options. As for the two other new players, the YP-S5 and YP-T10 each boast integrated Bluetooth, with the former sporting a built-in speaker and a 1.8-inch 222 x 176 display and the latter boasting a slightly larger 2-inch screen and a promised 30 hours of battery life. Each of those will apparently be available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB varieties, with the YP-T10 also set to be available in purple, red, and lime in addition to the standard black and white options. No word on price, but it looks like the whole lot is headed for Europe first.

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