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Uwe Boll calls up Chris Kohler -- hilarity ensues

Jared Rea

What do you do for an encore after you've told a critic to go have sexual relations with his own mother? You agree to a follow-up interview and proceed to flip out. To say that Wired's Chris Kohler didn't enjoy Boll's latest film, Postal, is to say that smashing your toes with a hammer merely "tingles." The infamous director took it to Kohler earlier this week in a barrage of broken English and PR buffoonery that -- we thought -- couldn't be crazier if he tried.

Uwe Boll ... you sly dog.

Conducted via telephone, Boll opens the conversation by saying, "Whatever I say, you have to print it how it is, and correct the spelling." Kohler responds, "Well, there's no spelling on the phone. So, it's okay." Can you hear that? It's the sound of the lulztrain making a stop on your Internets.

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