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Win the PG Dev Kit tournie, make your own video game at PAX


We told you it'd be fabulous. Pink Godzilla has exclusively revealed to Joystiq the grand prize for their Pink Godzilla Dev Kit tournament at PAX 2007, and boy is it a doozy. Not only will the winner receive $200 spending money for the Pink Godzilla booth, but the winner also gets to design his or her own video game, to be developed with the help of the Pink Godzilla team, and featured on the Pink Godzilla web site.

In addition to receiving credit as game designer for the project, the winner will also have their game featured as a title card in an upcoming expansion set for the Pink Godzilla Dev Kit card game. Registration for the tournament will be limited, so Pink Godzilla urges players to sign up as soon as PAX begins on August 24th. More details about both the tournament and the prizes after the break.

Official Dev Kit Tournament Prize Announcement

For Immediate Release

From the moment they first mash on an A Button, every true gamer dreams of designing their own videogame. At PAX 2007, Pink Godzilla will actually offer one lucky gamer the opportunity to make their dream come true. You supply the ideas, and Pink Godzilla will make it happen.

So how do you become the One? Easy. You show off your game design potential by simply beating the field at PAX 2007 in the first official Pink Godzilla Dev Kit Tournament. As Dev Kit Champion you'll not only receive $200 to spend on import and retro games at Pink Godzilla's booth, but also the opportunity to design your own game. Some restrictions apply, but this could be your big break on a path to becoming the next Miyamoto. Once your game goes gold, it will be featured on Pink Godzilla's website and you will be given the credit and title of Game Designer.

And as an added bonus, your video game will then be featured as a new title card in the first Dev Kit expansion. So not only will you be able to call yourself a game designer for the rest of your life, but your game will be featured in Dev Kit among the likes of Pinky Gear Solid, Pixel Fury and Elder May Cry.

Entry in the Dev Kit tournament is free to all PAX attendees, but space is limited so sign up early to reserve a spot by visiting the Pink Godzilla booth in the exhibition hall at PAX or the Dev Kit demo tables in the table top gaming area. Sign ups will end at 6:00 pm on Saturday and the first round of the tournament will begin that evening at 7:00 pm.

Dev Kit Tournament Details:

Single elimination.

Rounds 1 and 2 of the tournament will commence Saturday evening at 7:00 pm with winners advancing to Day 2.

All matches will consist of three persons, and the match ends when one player finishes four videogames. The winner, of course, is the player with the most points at the end of the match.

The Champion will be the first player to win two matches in the final round.

Visit or stop by the Pink Godzilla booth in the table top gaming room of PAX for more details.

About Pink Godzilla Dev Kit

In Pink Godzilla Dev Kit, 2-4 players take on the role of videogame developers competing to create parodies of their favorite videogames such as Pinktroid Prime or Samba de Pixel. Obtain resources to develop your videogames by conducting trades and auctions, or use Special Abilities and Power Ups to gain an advantage over the competition.

Debuting at the Penny Arcade Expo '06 and demoed at Spiel '06 in Germany, the beta version of Dev Kit quickly garnered international acclaim. In collaboration with Max Protection, the final version of Dev Kit features new cards and artwork and comes packaged in a collectible full color Max Protection deck box. While the beta version was good, the final version of Dev Kit is even better.

Dev Kit is not a CCG and it is not a children's game. Picked by as the 5th Best Card Game of '06, Dev Kit is for any serious gamers who love either strategic card games or videogames. Everything you need for a 2-4 player game comes packaged in the 108 card deck.

About Pink Godzilla LLC

Pink Godzilla, LLC was founded in 2005 in Seattle's historic International District. Pink Godzilla's dedication to providing top notch service, selection, and value coupled with their unapologetically adorable mascot and cozy Akihabara-inspired store layout quickly rocketed the small import shop to the forefront of Seattle's gaming scene. Nestled in the bosom of videogame giants Nintendo and Microsoft, and surrounded by industry professionals, Pink Godzilla is the preferred retail game store for many of the industry's most respected individuals. Male and female gamers alike love Pink Godzilla for its selection of import, retro and rare titles as well as for the infamous PG Thongs.

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