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Apple, Vodafone discussing iPhone minutiae?

Darren Murph

While the Apple-Vodafone rumors have been swirling for months, an unnamed "source" has apparently found that the two firms are now breaking down the minute details that are holding back a (potentially) forthcoming launch. Most importantly, it seems that Vodafone doesn't want to "give up as much control" as did AT&T here in the States, and below is a brief list of reported "iPhone enhancements [that] carriers are looking for:"
  • Vodafone wants the YouTube application to "work much more like the Internet version."
  • Improvements to Outlook and Exchange support
  • Improved security and firewalls
  • Tweaks to Apple's WEP and WPA security key requirements
  • Web browser improvements, namely, the ability to simply "cut and paste"
So, there you have it -- now how's about we just start compromising and get a deal together for all the patient Europeans, yeah?

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