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Beyonce-themed cellphone to become a reality?

Darren Murph

Nah, we don't seriously expect Beyoncé to offer up a handset with her name on it, but an interesting writeup that details just how important mobiles are becoming to the concert goer actually makes mention of it. Phones are being seen by marketers and promoters as a way to "establish connections that continue long after a fan leaves," and it was noted that a variety of artists have integrated mobiles into their shows by allowing fans to vote for songs, download ringtones, or send SMS messages to the band's website mid-show. Mathew Knowles, the manager (and father) of Beyoncé, however, said "he expected to use the thousands of phone numbers collected on her current tour to pitch a variety of products, including a Beyoncé-themed phone." 'Course, an armored Foxy Brown phone would likely sell better, no?

[Via Textually]

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