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Downranking Holy Light

Chris Jahosky

Ever since Blizzard changed the spell coefficient of downranked heals a few patches back, I've been wary of downranking. However, I've been going into fights lately that require more efficiency, and sometimes larger heals than Flash of Light can provide. As a responsible healer with respectable gear, it is my duty to find a solution to this problem.

The first thing that came to mind was how to achieve mana efficiency when using my larger heals. As a Paladin, for most of my healing life Flash of Light has been all that's required, with the occasional Holy Light thrown out in emergencies.

After doing some research, I found that downranking Holy Light is the answer. In most instances, a max rank Flash of Light will do, but now and then I throw in a Holy Light Rank 5, which has a slightly lower effective mana cost, and will allow me to keep the Light's Grace buff active in case I need to throw out a big heal quickly.

I've been experimenting with various ranks to see which ones work best for me, but it is definitely something to consider once you reach a certain amount of +healing.

Salud over at The Holy Light posted a great article on downranking a little while back that's well worth checking out if you're interested!

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