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G4 makes Red Ring of Death metal music video

Justin McElroy

We've given G4 a hard time in this very space before, but when they get one right, we've got to give it to them. And this is one of those times. We're not sure if we're alone in this, dear reader, but we got some chuckles out of their new "Red Ring of Death" music video by Distended Warranty (disclaimer: We doubt that's a real band).

So, yeah, they're just a touch late to the party on this this one. But come on, "console's hotter than a dragon's breath"? That's funny. ... Well, it's funny if your 360 never broke. If you're among the unlucky more-than-a-few who've rode the ring you're probably pumping your fist in the air with the tragic sincerity of a new father listening to Creed's "Arms Wide Open" in the late 90s. Put your hand down, man. You're depressing us.

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