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In2Games to unveil Wii-like PS2 peripherals


We've heard about wireless, motion-sensing PlayStation 2 peripherals before with Gametrak Fusion, a USB-based control system from In2Games (concept renders shown to the right). According to MCV, the same developer is planning to unveil similar technology, dubbed "Freedom", for the PS2 alongside matching games at the Leipzig Gaming Convention at the end of August.

The peripherals will cooperate with a series of games under the Realplay banner: Realplay Tennis, Realplay Pool, Realplay Golf, Realplay Racing, Realplay Bowling and Realplay Puzzlesphere. The Wii-like experience will let you mimic real-life actions, such as returning a serve, swinging a club and presumably, escaping a terrifying sphere of puzzles. The developer hopes to have the games and their accompanying peripherals out by Christmas in Europe for £29.99 each. In2Games CEO Elliot Myers reckons Freedom will be the "best way of controlling games on what will be this Christmas' most popular mainstream console."

The best way of controlling those six games, anyway.

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