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Baka RoboCup competition pits robotic comedians against each other

Darren Murph

Although RoboCup 2007 provided a number of thrills, there's certainly more trash talking going on than chuckling during the heated competitions. Thankfully, a new contest reportedly rigged up by entertainment giant Yoshimoto Kogyo will look to give the comedians in the mechanical crowd a chance to compete, too. After judges whittle down the entries, the Baka RoboCup will apparently give eight robotic comedians the chance to make an audience laugh this November, with the winner (er, winner's creator) taking home a modest ¥500,000 ($4,433) grand prize. Of course, there's a number of stipulations involved in exactly what kind of creature can be entered, but if you think your homegrown bot has got what it takes, be sure and hit the read link for all the fine print.

[Via PinkTentacle]

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