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Dish Network unveils black ViP722 HD DVR

Darren Murph

Hot on the heels of Dish Network's newest software update comes a brand new HD DVR, which actually doesn't differentiate itself all that much from its predecessor. The ViP722 will delight those looking for a black unit to match their eerily dark component setup, but it reportedly runs on the very same software as that found in the ViP622. Additionally, users will find a 500GB hard drive within, which offers up 55-hours of HD recording space, 350-hours of SD, or any combination of the two. As expected, newcomers to Dish can snag the ViP722 gratis, and while it's not mentioned how much existing subscribers will be forced to cough up in order to upgrade, there's not a whole lot here that can't be matched by just plugging in your own external HDD to that still-capable ViP622.

[Via DBSTalk]

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