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Metroid retrospective: Part 4 -- DS games and Corruption


GameTrailers continues their Metroid retrospective focusing on the DS titles and the soon-to-be-released Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Metroid Prime: Hunters may not have been friendly in avoiding cramps for adult hands, but it was still a solid 3D handheld shooter game. Maybe not exactly the Metroid experience genre fans were looking for, but it was something for the road. As for Metroid Pinball -- well, you either liked it or not.

We understand now why GameTrailers took forever to get this episode out the door this week. Turns out that they were adding a bunch of little snippets from this week's release of the Metroid Channel on the Wii. They take a nice plasma shot at putting the basic information we know about Corruption into this retrospective. The series concludes next week with a look at all the games mixed together in one gelatinous Metroid glob.

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