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Mirror Collage Plasma TV Cabinet conceals your set, decorates room

Darren Murph

In most cases, tactfully hanging your PDP on a wall could pass as a piece of art, and while there are certainly alternatives out there for those too hesitant to hang, this creation certainly ups the ante. The Mirror Collage Plasma TV Cabinet spans far enough around to accommodate "most 50-inch plasmas," and as the picture above depicts, it covers your set with a variety of mirrors that not only block your display, but purportedly "create the illusion of more space" in your room. Of course, the real draw here is that this piece is precisely what we fellows have been needing to convince our better halves to let us adorn a wall with a television -- the only problem, however, is that staggering $4,649 price tag that comes along with it.

[Via Luxist]

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