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NuTech Digital trying to deliver HD content over landlines?

Darren Murph

We've seen HD slung around on a variety of mediums in our day, but piping high-definition programming through a vanilla phone line would certainly be a new one on us. 'Course, NuTech Digital's website looks might dodgy anyway, and even the wording in its press release seems purposely ambiguous; nevertheless, the firm is apparently aiming to "utilize a standard household phone line for secure content delivery." More specifically, the system will reportedly "enable digital video compression and the management and delivery of video, audio, and data over a fully switched or routed network configured for ATM and Ethernet protocols utilizing connections speeds as low as 64Kbps to deliver high-definition content." Granted, the outfit may just be looking to send its proprietary DRM software over the line while the actual content is delivered via something a bit more speedy, but we're filing this one in the way-too-sketchy file for the time being.

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